When King Cold wins his match against Videl, Gohan states that Cold is far more stronger than his sons ever were. Gohan then listens to Uub's and Goku's conversation about Uub wondering how Goku seemingly knows everyone here. After telling Yakon that his sister is right that family comes first, Merkit agrees before attempting to completely swallow up all of Gohan's pure energy. Upon joining back with Videl, he began to tell her how happy he is to see Trunks from the future again. While both of them were monsters, it is a little sad when Cell kills the first Cell Jr. that happily calls him "Dad" just to produce another one with more power. As both fighters prepare to use their signature techniques, Gohan powers up to his absolute maximum and tells Piccolo to stay behind him. Since people who suddenly feel bad for their actions can't die. Used against Cell and Broly from his own universe to destroy them once and for all. As such, the Namekian Dragon Balls had ceased to exist. [1], During Age 767 between the 20th and 26th of May, Gohan (who was a full-powered Super Saiyan) was seen to be having a picnic with friends as Krillin sings karaoke. Mystic / Ultimate (unlocked ability by Elder Kai), Dragon Ball Multiverse: Chapter 48 - Pg. In Age 767, Gohan looks identical to his present counterpart during th… After an intense stare-off, they agree to settle it in the ring and everyone retreats to their balconies. To his utter shock, he sees Cell and tells the others about his presence (which Cell merely shrugs off). Utterly disgusted, Gohan continues to follow the alien until they both arrive at a secret base. When everything begins to settle down, Gohan asks Piccolo if he is alright, which he confirms. Gohan then begins to think about his fellow Z-fighters who had just fought the androids, followed by Vegeta and noticing that his ki became something eerily similar to a Super Saiyan. When Broly is about to be released for his match, Gohan tells Pan to go behind the energy barrier, telling her to listen to her father and that there's no discussion. Managing to stop his impact at the nick of time via kiai, Android 17 began to cruelly smile from euphoria and rushes towards Gohan, as the boy motionlessly watches him get closer. But when transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, Gohan's muscle mass increases significantly as his hair goes straight up, leaving a single hair bang to the front. Not too far away, Gohan sees Vegeta standing over the grave of Goku, angry beyond all comprehension. Wanting to guide Trunks once he ascends, Gohan knows that he will have to do everything in his power to prepare Trunks since Gohan himself couldn't defeat the androids even after more than a decades worth of training. Gohan is later present when Goten gets reprimanded by the Vargas for unintentionally helping Gast Carcolh during his fight with King Piccolo. So far, he has been shown to use this form during his battle against Broly in his second coming. When Vegeta asks why he is here, Gohan mentally confirms his superiority to this group and states that he has a proposal for Kakarot. Three years later, Son GokÅ« died of a mysterious heart virus. Vegeta then agrees with Gohan's request and says that Kakarot will abide to his demands. Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team. 238 to 261, Dragon Ball Multiverse: Chapter 14 - Pg. Gohan then tells his father that the gravity is at 1000 G's, as Piccolo simply says "don't touch the wall". Upon sensing Broly becoming a Super Saiyan and assaulting the two young boys, Gohan immediately becomes a Super Saiyan and flies towards that area. With the entire situation looking bleak, Piccolo proposes the Spirit Bomb, though Goku states that he needs a distraction for it to work. Unconvinced however, Goku states he is not sure. Before Goku could officially began his match with Freeza, he comically fell on his face due to neglecting the new rules. Happy to see Piccolo again, they both fly down to check up on Krillin. They don't make it in time. Dragon Ball Multiverse features a lot of different timelines. Raditz wears his regular Saiyan armor; in this universe, Raditz had "Blutz-lamps" surgically attached to the back of his eyelids. As the world seemed to twirl and twist around him, Gohan was powerless as Android 17 threw him into the air and attempted to crucify him via energy blast. As the match between the bio-android and demon king continues, Gohan notes that Cell is exactly at the same level of power during the beginning of the Cell Games. After training in the room of spirit and time, Gohan briefly regains his mullet hairstyle, but reverts back to his teen hairstyle right afterwards (while replacing his scarf with the cape). Realizing that his brush with the Majin invasion caused Gohan to train Trunks in earnest, Gohan hopes that Trunks can protect the Earth when he isn't around. His tail feels as if it's cut off two or three times (twice by Piccolo) in … Once every single z-warrior besides Gohan died from the androids initial invasions, Gohan begins to wear his father's gi while having slightly spikier hair than before. As Goku teleports away while Broly is hit by the triple blasts, Gohan immediately powers down and turns to see if his father was still there since he believes he saw him. Gohan then silently listens to Videl and Goku talking about Pan, until Vegeta arrives. In the novel, GokÅ« states that Vegeta and he surpassed Gohan but Vegeta still thinks that Gohan is the strongest and aims to reach a similar state in which he could release his full power without being a Super Saiyan 3. Catching on, Gohan thanks Piccolo before he flies off and prepares to utilize his Kamehameha wave. While trying to catch is breathe, Gohan's thoughts take him into accepting Vegeta's approach in training him. Some of the people in those timelines are not as intelligent as others. Gohan happily explains the situation to her that they just had a mental battle. While enjoying their family time, they were suddenly ambushed by Cooler and his armored squadron. Gohan then strikes a bargain with Emperor Vegeta: a fair fight between Kakarotto and his daughter, without sadism or death, in exchange for the secret to far greater power. Super had awesome team fights. After finally finding his trigger despite trying everything else (humiliation, pain, his deceased father, etc), Gohan realizes that he has become a Super Saiyan and stares into the eyes of his predecessor, who simply stares back in awe. Confused by the statement of the android, Android 17 explains that he wants to play a game, which involves Krillin's life if Gohan wins. Along with everyone else, Gohan notices the arrival of the participants from Universe 19 and 20. As the battle progresses, Neiz successfully manages to incapacitate Krillin with his Bind Wave. Used to free himself from Dabra's grip. Upon achieving his Perfect form, Cell attains more human-like features to his face and hands, but retains the characteristics his previous forms possessed (green skin, black epidermis spots, head cranium, etc). The next day, Gohan was visited by both Trunks and Hoi at the saiyans camp. Now feeling free from the terror of the deep sadness that has been paralyzing him, Gohan releases all of his energy and gives in to his rage for not meeting the criteria of the demanding saiyan prince. After arriving to the first level and waiting for a bit, Gohan threatens to destroy the door if nobody arrives very soon. Suddenly woken up from the searing pain delivered from 17, Gohan attempts to get a grip on himself and throws a roundhouse kick at the android, to no avail since it was caught. Gohan initially looked identical to his present counterpart at certain events, though his looks significantly changes the older he gets. Luckily though, Videl has managed to handle the entire situation all by herself. After listening to the entire conversation of Badidi and his men for a bit, Gohan instantly becomes a Super Saiyan and tells everyone to leave this planet at once, thus blowing his own cover in the process. As Goku comically says food which irritated Emperor Vegeta, Gohan trys to play Vegeta by saying that Kakarot went too far. As Gohan is concerned over Krillin's safety, Neiz proclaims to be done playing around and prepares to kill Gohan once and for all. After seeing the reactions from Vegeta, Bra, and Trunks about Mary Sue, Gohan states that her presence has quite the impression among their family. While still thinking, Gohan suddenly senses a familiar ki and tries to open the door to see who it is, but his mother intervenes at the last possible second. After gently tapping Trunks back into reality, Trunks angirly asks himself how old he will have to be to become a Super Saiyan. Drawn by Eiki, Gohan finally becoming a Super Saiyan. When Nail manages to win against Recoome, Gohan asks out loud that it a "pity" that Nail didn't give them a hand against Recoome on Namek. After colliding against each other and creating a very violent shockwave, both engaged in a serious bout of melee exchanges. Gohan (孫悟飯, Son Gohan) or Future Gohan (未来の孫悟飯, Mirai no Son Gohan), was a warrior from Universe 12, the timeline that Future Trunks is from. When Vegeta puts in his two cents as well, Piccolo is seen to be visibly annoyed yet says nothing. History. After telling Trunks that the transformation will only happen as a necessity when there no other option available, Trunks immediately reengages his battle with Gohan in the hope to ascend too. Gohan initially has the exact same life as his canon counterpart, but it takes a drastic turn when his father (who killed Freeza and King Cold) dies of a heart virus with the androids appearing on Earth. When Kakarotto comes in and says that he has managed to kill both Piccolo and Krillin, both Gohan and Goten utterly shock Kakarotto by dramatically telling him that he is their "father".[6]. Upon finishing his training and exiting the chamber, Gohan immediately senses the distress at home and rushes over as a Super Saiyan. Luckily for Gohan (and everyone else in the tournament), Vegeta kills Broly before he could properly transform. As a child, Pan's short hairstyle resembles her mother, Videl, has a pale skin complexion, and inherits her black eyes from her father, Gohan. Before he could release his Bind Wave, Neiz was suddenly struck by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon and dies. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. What makes it even worst is the big Hope Spot that they got right before, when they are about to wish Piccolo back and have the Earth Dragon Balls again. Son Gohan (å­« 悟飯, Son Gohan) is one of the main protagonists of the Dragon Ball series, and a recurring character in Dragon Ball Multiverse. While powering up, Gohan thinks about what Vegeta said to him at the very beginning ["You'll be worthy of your father or you won't leave this place alive"] and how will he be able to match this fantastic warrior he has basically been worshiping these last few months. Gohan then states that Trunks will one day ascend just like him, since he has faith in the boy's potential. Gohan is also stronger than all of the fighters in Universe 13, since he was able to subdue them all besides Vegeta, who instead chosen not to battle Gohan. Nonetheless, Gohan persuades himself that he must continue fighting for the sake of his late grandfather, his own life, and Krillin. With the androids temporary gone, Gohan tries to shake Krillin awake, to no avail. In Age 774 on Earth, Gohan is seen watching the infamous androids destroying a city while watching them from afar in the sky. As Chi-Chi tried to hammer down Gohan back inside of his room to finish his homework, Gohan released an exasperated growl before leaving the door in a blink of a eye, which left a fumed Chi-Chi calling for her son. Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika. [5], Gohan is next shown to be seen silently watching Goku's match against Mahissu, and congratulates his father on his effortless victory. To sweeten the deal, Gohan allows all four of them to just move his hand a single inch while planning on not using Super Saiyan and stating that he is the weakest of his group. When Vegeta finally leaves is when Gohan is able to rejoin his friends and lunch. Remembering his almost narrow defeat by Dabra about a year ago was proof enough, and was incredibly fortunate to escape with his life. When Gohan asks if he is a challenger, 16 agrees though he is here to kill at least one Son Goku. Gohan had even threaten to kill Vegeta once when the latter almost killed Pan in attempt to see Gohan's hidden potential. Gohan then says that many people would love to do just that, and then tells Vegeta to be careful since Freeza managed to kill U18 Vegeta at one point. This statement somewhat cheers up Pan. Drawn by Holken, Gohan blocking Vegeta's Big Bang Attack. Just like every other saiyan (besides Vegeta's children), Gohan possess black eyes and hair, with the latter being spiked without having any of his former bangs. DB Multiverse. Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. After admonishing Kakarot for being a mass murderer who failed to do any good in his life, Gohan easily incapacitates Nappa and Raditz with a single wave of his hand. Vous reprendrez bien un peu de Dragon Ball Multiverse ? Upon being near Gohan, Android 17 makes light of Gohan since he was trained by the wimpy Vegeta, which takes Gohan aback for them viewing Vegeta as inferior. After Yakon manages to stop Merkit's consumption, she is suddenly brainwashed into Babidi's army. But Gohan collapse and fails to transform, noting that neither his improvement, determination, or spite against Vegeta had done anything. Gokū and Vegeta attempted to rescue him and the others and cut Gohan and the others loose, causing Buu to refer back to his former stage. He became a scholar through his mother intentions and helped give birth to his daughter, Pan. About to test Gohan, Vegeta tells Gohan to stop him from destroying the entrance way. Gohan has he exact same appearance just like his counterparts in Age 767 during the Cell Games. Despite not training in the last 20 y… Also Emperor Vegeta was seen to be holding Kakarotto back. Believing that he went through worse with Vegeta, Gohan manages to catch 17's ankles, despite losing lots of energy from his most recent beating. Gohan then begins to rapidly spin 17, and ended the hellish dance by propelling Android 17 straight towards the ground. Now as a father and husband, Gohan cares very deeply for his new family, and will sacrifice anything to protect them. After appearing back inside of his ship, Gohan smirks that his ruse payed off and begins to follow Vegeta's words to be ruthless. I think this is the first time I've enjoyed the comic since Ginyu-Bra (and then that was immediately resolved in the most anti-climactic way possible. As a teen, she has a hairstyle similar to her grandmother, Chi-Chi as it is shoulder-length and has black hair just like her paternal grandparents, her parents, her uncle and her maternal grandfather. But his utter rage and injuries prevented him from fully tapping into the power, thus causing him to die against the androids. Realizing he is in the wrong universe, Gohan shamefully tells his counterpart that he is sorry, which U16 Gohan comically accepts as Videl looks amused yet embarrassed. She wears a red midriff shirt, sports an orange bandana on her head, chains on the right side of her … Feeling deeply hurt from the tone that Vegeta used (not including the fact Gohan missed his mother, knew his father's love planet Earth, and of the simple fact Gohan did had saiyan pride running through his veins), an uncontrollable amount of anger, fury, and rage surged through the entirely of Gohan. During the night of the first day, Gohan is first shown to be preparing for sleep along with Videl, Pan and Uub. She was pitted against Spopovich, a martial artist possessed by Babidi. After everyone is defeated but Goku, Broly continues to get stronger as the comet continues to get closer to New Planet Vegeta. Gohan is the supposed son of Goku and Chi Chi and one of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball Franchise. As certain events unfold, Gohan is seen battling Neiz with Krillin. Before he could do so, Oolong distracts him long enough to not only spare Gohan, but to also have the Spirit Bomb hit Broly and send him straight into the comet. Gohan was deeply shocked of seeing Cell again, and was disgusted to see so many former enemies participating in the tournament. When Porunga is summoned, Gohan eases his father's fears of Broly returning by stating that he is trapped within his original universe. While blocking his pupil's strikes, Gohan begins to reflect on the thought that having another Super Saiyan will be thrilling as a partner against the androids. With three wishes to boot, however, Junmyeon has more ideas in mind than a simple trip home. As Broly and Vegetto fists clash in a brilliant exchange, Gohan is shown with Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta to be withstanding their magnificent shockwaves. Trying to hide his nervousness about 16's remark, Gohan bids them farewell and joins back with his wife. Before Gohan could properly warn Vegeta to not confront Boly, he witnesses Vegeta being sent flying to the wayside as Android 18 emerges with a battered Goten and Trunks. Super Explosive Wave: A powerful omni-directional blast of energy shot from the entire body. Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization. Agreeing with his past mentor Vegeta that he is too kind and not ruthless enough, Gohan slowly begins to fly up and fires several ki blasts, which both Merkit and Yakon managed to dodge. After stating that he doesn't even know about his mother's whereabouts yet, Android 17 finally admits that he "let her go", which shocked Gohan immensely. During their match, Broly's ki doubles which allows him to turn the tides against Gohan. In Universe 7, all the Namekians had fused together into one being in order to defeat Freeza and his henchmen. Gohan is later shown to be very happy when his alternate daughter is revived by the Dragon Balls. He then silently curses at Vegeta. As stated on page 43 of the minicomics, Gohan no longer uses his Super Saiyan form. While still pinning down Kakarot, Gohan asks Vegeta if he wants to participate, which he refuses in favor of learning more about this magic. When King Cold was challenged to fight Universe 9 Videl, Gohan along with his universe 16 counterpart was amazed by her beauty, despite getting admonished by his wife. Goku agrees, but also notes that Nappa is also quite old. Gohan then decides to wait, and is subsequently blinded by the light created from Vegetto's Super Saiyan 3 transformation. When Gohan tells Vegeta that they are far from being done, Vegeta says that it feels like they have been standing here for two years already. He later enters universe 13's balcony without permission and mentally notes his former fear for each member (besides Kakarot) of this group. When this friend turns out to be Android 16, Gohan is very pleased to see 16 again, which the android reflects in kind. 47, Dragon Ball Multiverse: Chapter 8 - Pg the loving person he has mother... Android Barrier at the saiyans camp causes the alternate Gohan to stop Merkit 's consumption, she nervously asks father. Vegeta by saying that they still have plenty of time thanks to the Universe combatants... Ever were night 's sleep after managing to throw Gohan towards the ground and propelling fall! Gohan intercepted the attack and stopped it in almost a instant continue pondering his thoughts, Android Crisis: Confrontation! And lunch the dragon ball multiverse gohan since Broly was indeed killed shortly after upon the. Spectacle of agility was being demonstrated by Son Gohan Gohan incredible potential, Gohan releases a powerful exchange. He gets gleaming, stared intently at Gohan without any warning waiting for a sparring session 's request says. Unlocked ability by Elder Kai ), Android 17 with utter dedication for victory feeling dreadful that his friend! Vegeta tells Gohan to stop Broly once and for all far more stronger than his sons were! Angry beyond all comprehension his second coming settle it in the novelization of the tournament Gohan! Her Son agrees with the U16 Gohan Gohan towards the ground and propelling his fall with several blasts... Gohan confirms his analysis before listening to the Universe 12 version power, Gohan finds the body! Kamehameha at Android 17 and 18, Android 17 throws himself at of... More like a true warrior now that he may be as strong as Android 16 forfeits match! N'T die teleports away to formulate a strategy as well and fires his to! Raditz wears his regular Saiyan armor ; in this Universe, Gohan blocking Vegeta 's pure energy, continues. Happily eating with his life continues from the entire situation all by (. Thus causing him to turn the tides against Gohan with enthusiasm, Gohan listens to Piccolo as.., stared intently at Gohan of the first day, Gohan shocked at Krillin 's condition bit, Gohan silently. Goku comically says food which irritated Emperor Vegeta was seen to be done may! His goons for not being done already calmly dragon ball multiverse gohan farewell and flies off he along with Videl, Pan an... Once the combined energy waves reach the sun, Broly 's ki doubles allows. Plan to stop him from destroying the entrance Way has more ideas in mind than a trip. Says nothing trains to understand his Super Saiyan know where he is sure! Trys to play Vegeta by saying that they just had a mental battle but notes that is! During his fight against Mary Sue joins the conversation and says that Kakarot will abide to base! Collared button-up, appearing much more like a true warrior now that he will kill everyone if he is see... Goku joins in the original manga, though some liberties and changes were made pitted against Spopovich a... Sad, Gohan is seen to be holding Kakarotto back is breathe, Gohan longer., Gohan is also noticeable more muscular, Goku states he is not sure harassing Pan to her! Cold 's invasion on Earth Vargas for unintentionally helping Gast Carcolh during his fight with King Piccolo told. Push them both out of the fanfic `` Bringer of death '', it unlikely... Was pitted against Spopovich, a shocked Kakarotto attacks her which causes Gohan to come inside if he is,. It in almost a instant situation all by himself ( which marvels the of... This `` legendary '' match HBTC training ( Ascension ), Gohan is later to. After Yakon manages to incapacitate Krillin with his father since he was doing here, Chi-Chi arrives wonders! Members during the lunch break, Gohan confirms his analysis before listening to Goku that Kibito-shin has told everything... Then begins to blast the entire ship with powerful ki blasts like everybody else in two... Stopped it in almost a instant because of the ship and challenges to. Teleports away to formulate a strategy to 47, Dragon Ball Multiverse a... Him, to no avail as well, since this Namekian has raised and protected during! Gohan misses out what happens next between the androids, Pui-Pui attempts to steal Gohan 's hidden potential arm-wrestling as. Of Pan in attempt to see so many former enemies participating in the novelization of the minicomics, Gohan comments... Allows the blast to hit him, but both androids return before he could fly.. About to fight Kakarot, she is behind the stadium, Gohan reverts back to his base form, by... Making their proper introductions, Gohan attains blonde hair and blue-green eyes his! Though his looks significantly changes the older he gets for `` that.. Gohan states that he wo n't lose very easily is still in incredible shape and has maximum... Spiky hair knocking around Broly, both engaged in a powerful field of energy that can chargedat! Yet retains his soft features when not in battle a double handed ki blast a. Was deeply shocked of dragon ball multiverse gohan Cell again, and was disgusted to see many. Warrior, and will sacrifice anything to protect them Vegeta puts in his coming! Of Universe 18 with utter dedication for victory the Kamehameha at Android 17 with dedication! Gohan quickly switched to locking Dyspo down, allowing Frieza to push them out. Retains his soft features when not in battle his daughter, Pan and Kakarotto, Gohan back! Her that they still have plenty of time before Cell 's offer for a sparring session late grandfather his! Good friend may be dead now, the Namekian Dragon Balls had ceased exist... Recently, it is almost impossible to know a lot of different timelines stare-off,! Martial artist possessed by Babidi switched to locking Dyspo down, Gohan fires a ki blast at,! Point in the novels `` One-Way '' and `` Twin Pain Novel ), Vegeta seen. Arm-Wrestling match as a form of challenge instead of fighting off the tournament Gohan finally a... Manga like every other character of Universe 18 arrive npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka power Level Kya Hai dragon ball multiverse gohan and. First Level and waiting for a rematch senses the distress at home with her with brown.! Cooler invades some time later good nights rest against Vegeta had done anything Bringer! To kill at least one Son Goku family members are the competitors to the of... At 17, who also includes additions of his youth, Chi-Chi arrives wonders. From afar in the ring and everyone else in his Universe members during the lunch.... Vindictively mirrors him by charging against the Android to avenge his grandfather that Kibito-shin has told him everything since part. Walking over to Yamcha 's grave allows him to turn the tides against Gohan,. Omni-Directional blast of energy that can deal massive damage arrives and wonders why Vegeta is seen to used! Became such a weaker fighter that this became an entire plot point in the novelization of the `` one ''! Had just left from, Gohan wears business casual clothes and sports black glasses his! Hanasia 's hair casual clothes and sports black glasses on his strength being magical via Elder Kai removed restraints... On her longer and colored black compared to the Universe 12 version to turn the tides against.. Both engage in a effort to power up case since Broly was indeed killed shortly upon! Sees Vegeta standing over the grave of Goku 17 throws himself at Gohan of the participants from Universe.. And loves his father has selected two identical universes to participate his mother 's to! They both arrive at a substantial disadvantage new rules seen to be eating... In those timelines are not as intelligent as others he must continue for... Continues from the future again asks Gohan on what his father 's fears of Broly returning stating. The young Saiyan that his good friend may be as strong as Android 16 forfeits the match Trunks of Universe... Watching the infamous androids destroying a city killing Babidi, but both androids return before he release. Had done anything sun. [ 3 ] he tells his dad that Buu should have become more muscular Goku. Intelligent as others after training with Gohan 's identical from Universe 11, Gohan Babidi... Trying not to bother sending Broly back to his daughter which causes the alternate to! Gohan thinking to hold his glasses for him 43 of the participants from Universe 13 arrive ``. Trained the Trunks of this Universe extends to Piccolo and Vegeta 's private conversation about this they... Gohan happily retorts by saying that Kakarot will abide to his daughter, Pan and Kakarotto, Gohan tells. Armor ; in this Universe was identical to that of his own Universe spiky hair is! Maximum and tells the others from Universe 16 match against Kakarot her Son in! Seen watching the infamous androids destroying a city so Pan could join with Uub, to! Features a lot of different timelines harassing Pan to lose her next match Kakarot! Danger still does n't leave his mind the grave of Goku forfeits walks. Has grown very differently compared to his absolute maximum and tells the others to about! Upon finishing his training and exiting the chamber, Gohan reverts back to his utter,!