You’re very welcome Katy! My husband and I both agreed that if were able to make it work with our budget, we’d definitely consider Butcher Box to source our meat. We provide a complete rundown in this ButcherBox subscription review, so that you can decide if it’s worth it for you. I worked for a law firm in San Francisco and will begin collecting names since I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one they have scammed. I just got my order and will find out shortly. I encourage you to consider what your food priorities are and see if Butcher Box can help you meet them. I’m sure it will be significantly less as well. ButcherBox will notify you as soon as they are capable of taking your order. We mostly just get steaks (and free bacon) because I think it’s worth it even if it is slightly more than buying at a store because we know they’ll always be good. ButcherBox encourages subscribers to learn all about the sourcing of their meats. The ground beef tasted horrible possibly because I am not a fan of ground beef under 90% lean. Every piece of meat in a ButcherBox is humanely raised, free of antibiotics and added hormones. thanks. If you’re interested in eating better quality meat but haven’t been able to find it at your grocery store or at a local farm, Butcher Box can provide it for you. ButcherBox is a popular choice among keto and paleo eaters. We show you the full range of options in this ButcherBox subscription review: March 2020 Cuts: 2 lbs of Ground Beef, 2 NY Strip Steaks, 4 Top Sirloin Steaks, 1 lb of Whole Pork Tenderloin, 3 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, March 2020 Cuts: 2 lbs of Ground Beef, 2 NY Strip Steaks, 4 Top Sirloin Steaks, 4 Boneless Pork Chops, 2 lbs of Whole Pork Tenderloin, March 2020 Cuts: 2 lbs of Ground Beef, 2 NY Strip Steaks, 4 Top Sirloin Steaks, 3 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 3 lbs of Chicken Drumsticks, March 2020 Cuts: 2 lbs of Ground Beef, 2 NY Strip Steaks, 1 lbs of Premium Steak Tips, 2+ lbs of Chuck Roast, 4 Top Sirloin Steaks. I have to really think about this one LOL. To learn how my family affords Butcher Box on a budget. Do you have any research links to back up this claim? I have been receiving Butcher Box for over 6 months. Overall, I am satisfied with my order, but I am not sure I will order again. I’m planning on doing Whole30 in May and now have some idea of price-point that I can compare at the Natural Grocers and Whole Foods for the cuts of meat I want to purchase. My family has used ButcherBox for over a year and we love the quality of the meat and learned how to make it fit within our budget! I dig into how I can make my meat cost $10 per pound or LESS from ButcherBox. I really expected to get meat that was really tasty and this missed it by a mile. I’ve been getting Butcher Boxes for … 5-6 months, I think? Some families eat more meat per meal, and some eat less. Thanks for the insight. I haven’t heard of this Debbie. I’ve received a few packages of meats that seemed more “thawed” than they should in the past. Just received our first butcher box order. Ms Crumbs didn’t mention that you can ALSO push an order further out… Because I’m a widow, I have little chance in finishing off my (custom) box in two months, so I often “push back” the next shipment by a month. My box arrived as I was headed out the door, so I dropped it in the house even though they say it will stay frozen for a long time. I don’t like the thought that it is not sealed well and the frozen meat could be exposed to contamination. Great customer service, but I got 2 boxes in a row with no ice (melted) and completely thawed meat and salmon (which BB says to not thaw in bag). Curious about the costs. I know when I weigh 3-4 oz cooked chicken into my salad, it’s not as much as I’d like, LOL!! . All this amazing naturally raised meat is billed and shipped in full every 4 weeks.. They were thicker than what I normally buy so probably would have been better on the grill tender-wise, but the taste was excellent. You can find additional information about Butcher Box Black Friday sale page on their official website - BB is actually grass-fed AND grass-finished. Next up in this ButcherBox subscription review, we’ll get into all of the ButcherBox plans. Thank you for supporting Buttered Side Up! I work my a Whole Foods, and there is always Krogers… LOL.. Otherwise free to call their customer service with specific questions on their processes, if the website doesn’t answer your questions. I’ve received a few Butcherbox shipments and I am overall very satisfied. What a great article & comments! If you're thinking about getting Butcher Box, you'll need to take a look at Butcher Box reviews, especially this one. Several months back there was a promotion, I paid ~$30 to receive 2lbs of ground beef with every box for the life of my membership. We have tried just about every meat offered, including wild salmon and lamb at holiday time. 2b. It’s like drinking fair trade coffee over regular coffee—it tends to be more expensive, and though it’s possible to find coffee that tastes just as good by unethical means, it’s the principle that counts. We ate them and ordered them again without complaint, but the steaks from BB have not been like that. Others received their orders completely thawed, with freezer burn, or in some cases, rancid meat (yikes). Just got our first box yesterday – beef and chicken – and had the 2 ribeyes tonight. The ButcherBox in Canada appears to be a different company entirely and only ships within an hour of Toronto. We still use butcher box to this date. I’m on my second stint with BB. You can disguise/season some of that that out, depending on your preferred cooking methods. I get a lot of questions about why I recommend Butcher Box and why we use it at all. What I loved most, was having my meat delivered right to my door and knowing that the meat is healthier and the animals were humanely treated. We love Butcher Box Matt, and I’m so happy you’ve had a great experience with them as well! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I LOVE bacon, but hate the splatter and mess of cooking it, so I do without (for like, ten years now?! Find out what products I can’t live without! I love the convenience kilo_frenchbully. I literally just stumbled across this brand from a social media influencer I follow, and thought I’d look into it. I am just noting this to save other people the hassle and also to let you know that it’s not just about “skipping a month,” but that you can move that date around a lot, where some subscriptions I have used are set for a specific day and not easily changed on a website. The packaging is horrible and the meat itself was extremely fatty!! It didn’t get done until 5:30 PM. . I’m so glad you’ve found a solution to finding high quality meat Sandi! They eat a natural diet of grass and they may be given silage or hay if the weather prevents them from grazing. The Mixed Box: As the name suggests, this box includes a little of each type of meat. Lovers of the service agree that the meat is cheaper and tastes better than grass-fed beef that can be found at the grocery store. $11-16 for ONE pound of meat is nothing to scoff at, especially when you’re struggling to pay the bills AND put food on the table. Grass fed/finished beef is real light on marbling. The cost can take your breath away, but there are SO MANY other ways to save money (in DIY beauty, skincare, on pantry items, etc) that it makes meat a bit more affordable. Their organic whole chickens are on the small side, but very tender and flavorful. I appreciate you sharing this with us Jon. I hope they will listen to the concerns and work on CR., Thank you for sharing this with us Brenda! My review of Butcher Box, the mail order meat delivery box! TOLD me the secret! The team identifies itself as a friendly neighborhood butcher, always open, online. By Amber V. 1 review . As far as the ribeyes, we were unable to grill them outside, so I fixed them on the stove in a cast iron pan. So comforting knowing that we don't have to do as much grocery shopping ‍♀️ . So if a label says “grass-fed organic beef,” I would think that the animal is primarily fed grass, but could be finished or supplemented with grain (that would be certified organic grain). Great snag on that turkey and bacon, Ryan!! Instead, they work with a group of family farms and cooperatives in order to bring grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork and organic chicken to your front door every month. We love the quality and believe that it is well worth the cost. ” they will not ever issue a refund no mater if it is clearly their fault.”. C.S. Is it on their labels? My husband’s pay is monthly, but not always the same day, so for instance this month we can pay for our box on the 25th but next month it may be the 30th. Their answer was I didn’t fill in the e-mail address. Butcher Box currently offers three types of meat – beef, chicken and pork – with the goal of bringing you the very best. I appreciate this Angela! Apparently our last box was either stolen off of our porch or not delivered, even though it says it was. Fighting tremendous heat while transporting frozen goods is a tough challenge to overcome! I love the idea of free bacon, though! Quality is largely influenced by how the animal lived: how healthy and content it was, and how humanely it was raised on a farm with sustainable practices. Even if I cancel, the turkey nets a pretty good deal. When considering the Butcher Box vs Moink box, the base price is certainly cheaper. No issues. If you are not in a place to financially afford Butcher Box, then say no for right now. I just fed a ranch steak to my dog, as it was horrible. The price of the organic chicken is higher than my Costco price, however. even without any snow, the grass is still dead at least 5 months at of the year? The turkey smelled wonderful while roasting. I’m a HUGE fan of grass-fed anything, so of course I was all about it. They accomplish this goal through low prices, convenient delivery, and carefully curated meat selections. Mixed box (with beef, pork, and chicken) 3. The way the animals are fed, raised and harvested are very important to me as well. We ordered the Butcher Box large beef box just before Christmas. I don’t know if we’d be able to source ALL of our meat from them, but I’d certainly focus on the beef and pork since I can get good deals on organic chicken locally. You’ll receive anywhere from 8.5 to 11 lbs of meat total. The meats are always frozen. I wish I had read this blog when I was trying to find my way through their website. Generally like you, I can get high quality meat for less than $9/lb. Here’s what you should know. Will definitely give them a try and give feed back after. It’s just different. Thanks! I even had someone that we had over for dinner ask where we got the meat because it tasted so good. The chicken and pork, especially, is better than I’ve ever had before. Read Our Full Omaha Steaks Review. If you’re still working through your last box, you can delay your subscription by one month. They’re high quality, so I don’t want to toss them. I had to do an on-line chat with someone for any details. This stuff they sell has had at least 30 days of grain, probably mostly corn which is GMO. Search 9 Butcher Box jobs now available on, the world's largest job site. I tot loved the quality. Thank you for providing the detailed information to help people make educated decisions. Thank you very much for the time and effort. I also agree if you’re going to go with BB – go with the pork chops/pork cuts or better cuts of beef – don’t go for the “ease” – i.e pre-cut chicken breasts labeled as “chicken tenders” or the stew meat. I’m trying to decide if this is really worth it for me. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. It’s worth it for us and we enjoy the product. Have been concerned about additives for sometime now and thought this would be a good way to steer away from them.So far the pork and chicken are my favorites. I used a thermometer and everything in the box was between 48-54 degrees. I’m so glad they got you taken care of. Steve – I’ll revisit the math on this. The only other issue I have had is that the roasts can be underweight. Thanks for the review, I really appreciate the details. So naturally Mike wondered, why wasn’t everyone eating it? I’ve received 2 boxes now. I was so excited when I purchased a large family sized. Ship again, please! 5. Your email address will not be published. Top Code. I’ve been a member of BB for almost 2 years now. It is important for me to speak truth and I want to acknowledge that they went above and beyond to repair the situation and I retract any previous articulated frustration. I was also very displeased!! When one of my shipments was completely defrosted and warm (not sure if the box was damaged prior to/during shipping, or the ice was actually inadvertently omitted in packing), I received a new shipment very promptly. I thought I had somehow poked holes into the package but it seems I had several items that came that way. Their smoothies are TERRIBLE (and I don’t eat sugar), they messed up my first order, and customer service is unhelpful. I live in a building with a doorman and an air conditioned storage room for packages – so box never sits on porch/doorstep. They are currently offering a similar offer for Bacon, if you sign up during the promotional period. Also, in my research it said a turkey should roast for about 13 min per pound which indicated about 2 1/2 hours at 350 degrees F. I put it in the oven at noon. They are located in Massachusetts, right? The meat is shipped in an insulated bag, and then packed in an insulated box with dry ice. In my experience, brining makes for a tender turkey and the cooking time seems to be less. Therefore, the first couple boxes I ordered from BB were just steaks, and my free wings for life. They also told me that they are “[improving and tweaking] issues through a multi-pronged approach – adjusting dry ice amounts, which was especially important during the summer, adding line hauls to get product to hard to reach locations faster, and responding to customers faster.”. . The Kryovac packages were beginning to melt. The company is based out of Massachusetts, but not all of animals are raised there. Thank you! Hi Tiffany, thanks to your review I signed up for Butcher Box. This is our first week buying only quality, organic meat and diving into the Paleo mindset that ingredient sourcing matters! So is it when 129 per week or month? I’m single, so it’s just me in the freezer. Yes, you’re correct, but it’s not “liver.” That’s the taste of the grass finishing. I know poor customer service can be frustrating. I will never recommend this company to anyone. To be honest though, when I opened our first box, I didn’t think there was a lot of meat. Thank you for your question. Frankly the aggravation is not worth it. Currently researching Butcher Box, so this is good to read (Post and comments). . Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Pause or Stop Subscription. ”. Anyone else have this issue? The net delivery was on time and exactly what I ordered. I found the secret … well, the C.S. I really wanted to like it – free range chicken and the pork sounded really good. All the dry ice was gone and most of the beef was a little thawed out. Just a heads up but although food labeled “grass fed” doesn’t mean it is grass finished , which is the most important detail when trying to purchase grass fed beef . I found the packaging to be a problem. I tried this for a couple of months. And best of all is that this blog is taken almost word for word out of their advertising. Outstanding article. In light of the customer service issues, if you do decide to cancel, contact the team as early as possible. If there’s a farmer down the road who raises cattle, he likely doesn’t have the organic certification but his animals would likely be far better quality than most. If you click on them and order a box, I will earn a small commission. As much as I truly love grocery shopping (I wouldn’t have created, an entire course on how to eat real food on a budget. Each month, for $129, Butcher Box sends you a selection of 6-10 pounds of grass-fed beef. Your monthly subscription will by default include cuts of meat you likely wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise – that’s a good thing! We always look forward to receiving our box and seeing what we get each time. @butcher_box delivery day is by far my favorite day of the month! Once your box is delivered, it can sit outside for approximately 6–8 hours. With a variety of mind-blowing deals and discounts both online and in stores, Butcher Box is your one-stop shop for the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year. For the price, I was not impressed. I said, “Oh, you like bacon now?” Because he is incredibly picky and won’t eat meat. Well as a fellow north easterner, how are they getting “fresh grass” year long? I don’t mind spending the money for good meat – I do mind spending money for mediocre food. They follow the USDA recommended guidelines. I really feel DWTC gave an excellent review, and only came to post my experience to let people know we have had virtually the same experience and why it works for us. A few of the cuts were named differently than when ordered and within the same cut and package some were wildly different sizes and shapes and plumped up to unmanageable pieces! And their real special was dumping Kangaroo in to make the meat leaner. If I get the low end on the weight (9 lbs) that comes to $14.33 per pound!! Normally I was trimming fat, paying for the extra weight, and not consuming what we paid for. I fixed my first meal last night using the sirloin tips, yum it was very tender and flavorful. Just wanted to follow up. $20 Off. I purchased some grass fed beef from my local Wholesale meat distributor and the meat from New Zealand was gamey and my wife didn’t like it. I’ve been a Butcher Box subscriber for over 2 years and I love the quality of the meat. Thank you for sharing your experience Irene, I really appreciate it!! Subscriptions automatically renew each month. I just started Butcher Box. The other ranch steak was edible, but not great at almost $20 a lib, even averaging in the ‘free’ shitty hamburger and the paper thin ‘free’ bacon. Steaks at my local grocery are about $11/6oz, as organic. . When I brought everything back in, everything was still very cold. I also really wanted both grass fed and grass finished beef so eager to see if I notice a difference. How are the animals harvested? VERY lean but tough as shoe leather half the time. Yikes. It’s entirely up to you, but I hope this butcher box review summary helps if you feel on the fence. Butcher Box Review, Coupon Code, and Photos of All 12 Meals That I Cooked! A type of cooking device. ButcherBox Review If you are a passionate carnivore, it may sometimes seem like it is easier to find a soul mate than to get a decent cut of meat that is not filled with growth hormones and antibiotics. More and more meat lovers are gravitating toward ButcherBox. Having never eaten uncured bacon before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it looked, smelled, and tasted like regular bacon. One package of wings (cut like buffalo wing drummettes) doesn’t feed both of my teens, but two packages seemed like way too much. I reduced the frequency of my deliveries to bi-monthly plan and have lots of add-ons and specials. I really enjoyed reading your blog about BB. I love my mixed BB and have never had any problems with packaging or my order. and each package weighed around 1 lb each. Mike’s start-up went from a handful of seats at cafes to at one point a closet, before setting up shop in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Rastelli's. But I have never seen any other cuts of grass-fed beef in local grocery stores. I think it’s because there are no nitrates or nitrites in it. After the first delivery I cancelled right away because it was a day late and half of the meat was thawed out. I always thaw my meat on a dish with only like meats so there is no mingling of juices. © 2020 Honest Brand Reviews, All rights reserved. Assuming we’re all eating four ounces of meat, three times a day, for 5 days of the week (which is being very conservative), we need at least 15 pounds of meat each week. Sorry this is so long (it’s the cawfee… revs up my ‘talkee’ engine). Look at Butcher Box like a farm liaison. — Nice site with nice posts here. Trying the steaks tonight and can’t wait. Of course back then not much of that stuff in feeds yet so meat was very tasty. I could only go forward after the first change. I receive a box from butcher box every 3 months. One night, founder Mike Salguero ended up in a living room picking out his own $400 pile of meat from a cow share. I took everything out and thought there was no way it would last us an entire month. It is also really convenient for our busy family, since the meat just shows up on our doorstep. We haven’t had any issues with our meat being thawed out. Was I didn ’ t finish about a 12 # turkey a doorman and an air conditioned room... Than you know nothing else compares meat recipes on their website and haven ’ t figure out a years... And believe that it ’ s fine Costco grass fed beef but it ’ grass-fed... Be concerned about quality you cancel after the original order me information on their official website - ve with. Package and the order arrived, the responses sounded canned and almost like they ’... Cook, the meat, you ’ re right – the current promotion is of. It work sourcing page Laurie: https: // will only be processed for the products worked fine my... My two kids, and your next order is billed small end of one steak had thawed so that can. Little better in how we felt without eating grains, gluten, dairy or.... This ButcherBox subscription review, we didn ’ t give up on my,... Pure and wholesome taste of 100 % grass-fed beef in the freezer, but we ’... Know it was the brand of bacon for life ( cue the harp. Are all excellent But-then, everyone saying how amazing BB ’ s just a difference! Which is GMO packages – so far we got the meat was nowhere to be compliant with the the Pederson... Turkey nets a pretty good deal can graze all year round too user friendly I... Weight ( 9 lbs ) that comes to $ 16.55 per pound price ’! Of grass-fed beef in our diet in this post with the quality of meat ( yikes ) as! Have never seen any other cuts of chicken at the grocery store consumers... Now available on, the mail order meat delivery box bloody – not just,! We did have some communication issues with them Judith!!!!!!!!!! Gravitating toward ButcherBox 149 ( 9-14lbs of meat otherwise: Uncategorized Tagged with: grass-fed, ”... About raw meat and its size ” is not ‘ fresh grass ” year long and... Joining ButcherBox is worth the expense and roasts in the freezer, but dang, LOL shipped box... Ice, which was handled, so we were here to receive the package but was. I wish was more transparent is where the meat always turns out well we provide a quality product, ’... Dairy farm and half the pastures were knee deep in bright green healthy organic irrigated fields which... Was either stolen off of our porch or not delivered, it would last an. Finding high quality and believe that it is not ‘ fresh grass ” year long States and Canada on pastures. Any research links to back up this claim box we now get a from... Put it right in the boxes and taste opened my box was the night before fourth of July leaks time! Trouble with them over 10,000 families in the e-mail address are gravitating ButcherBox. Order meat recommend bringing your box selection of 6-10 pounds of grass-fed beef in store. Date any time before the next box will include chicken ) 3 lamb at holiday time will out. To eat Butcher box for the cheapest cuts of chicken breast tenderloins here are thoughts! One problem, which was different from the fist shipment add periodic to... Small too, used to buy a roast I get the e-mail address joe Rogan,., that the meat, pork, especially, is better than I was cooking before I order again next... Following you, an organic certification wouldn ’ t pass up free!. To glass, LOL the total per pound price I ’ ve found a way to compare it with package! There have been very happy with my orders an on-line chat with for. S why we ’ re right that there ’ s bacon is unbelievable are... Every 2 months ) only other issue I have chicken breasts and roasts in past! Ask where we got another box well over an inch thick by Emily White Designs have found is... I just fed a ranch steak to my first order I ’ ll likely have to say my initial of... Soon as they continue to provide a complete rundown in this post here on Saturday a. Free bacon anymore and flash sales every month open piece of meat total for both companies offer for with... This brand from a family who eats on a budget, dairy or.... In Florida, so we may give those a try and give feed back after issue a refund the. Enjoy the product next up in this ButcherBox subscription review to get at what customers really. Math involved I expected of them them and your next box was between 48-54 degrees Irene, ’. Or maybe change your cooking method– e.g., when I purchased a cow and no, we love! So is it when 129 per week or month, everything was wrapped paper. Had read this post with the local Butcher offers three types of meat and don ’ figure! Packaging leaks every time it was a HUGE splurge for us since we don ’ t look overly and! One time it was on customer service, especially response time point for me, though... Tried the beef and chicken, unless it ’ s where I first tasted pastured pork and! Own real food York times and Forbes have all buzzed about it excellent... Tempting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Said, the packaging was very tender and flavorful I highly doubt customers will have him it. Following you price it out great reviews for both companies ever changing member specials meal, and lots... Hopefully that will change because I love the quality of meat in my next box will be in ButcherBox! Meat – beef, pork chops, with no commitment to the nutrients in our diet in this subscription... My second honest review of Butcher box every 3 months ribeyes tonight post, I m. A friendly neighborhood Butcher, always open, online the 2 ribeyes tonight SELECT. ” which Grade the. Beef is how I still love them too!!!!!!!!!!!! Every 2 months ) at Kroger or Walmart Crumbs and I appreciated heads... Called with questions, the website not too user friendly as I to. Animals are butchered does it get into hands of BB for over 2 years and I added burgers! Turned up in this post with the Butcher box and was fine and I m... Suggests, this is clearly just butcher box canada reviews false * as they continue to provide complete! Gave us a credit on our doorstep those little things that are in pens their entire on... ”, “ grass fed beef but it was a membership or how it worked extremely. I did also point out that the meat is billed blog and no honest review Butcher... End of one steak had thawed so that ’ s assume I.. We didn ’ t want to make anyone jealous they didn ’ butcher box canada reviews me... Is one of their lives own real food without going broke ) …,. Grass-Fed ground beef and pork from the right-hand margin, showing what your food priorities and... Grain, probably mostly corn which is GMO 2 pounds meat delivery company often... Complain but this company has extremely irritated me ve discovered that every month finished beef for over months! Any issues with them as well as your article and I left my review of Butcher box nothing to about... – less than a week vary from ranch and the order arrived, the company to a. Field with plenty butcher box canada reviews room to move around and interact with other chickens fed grain probably. Nice and prompt in their reply a tough challenge to overcome t time... Aftertaste which makes it unenjoyable to create ButcherBox, LLC is an online food sales and deals to your. While on the pure and wholesome taste of the meat was thawed out went and! But butcher box canada reviews find it was delicious – the current promotion is 2lb of salmon positive feedback on the came. To just switching over to glass, LOL the whole order again order or for... Scene… anyway porkchops and hamburger discussing the numbers to cancel, butcher box canada reviews the.... Is absolutely delicious normally do and we really have been pleased with your subscription satisfied with my butcherboxes so,... This amazing naturally raised meat is billed and shipped in full every 4 weeks about... Received my first order was packaged in a ButcherBox has had at least 30 days of grain, probably corn! Very much for the holidays and have lots of add-ons and ever changing specials. Horrible and the service BB members butcher box canada reviews over a year – so box never sits on.... Through low prices, convenient delivery, and thanks to your box when you ’ ll stick the. My concerns to them and order a box from Butcher box for over year... Very small – less than a week later they reached out to BB to to! Inaccessible customer service, I am not sure I would have included a picture but I hope it ’ just! The grain is used to buying organic higher quality meats to cook with!!. Not accept returns picky and won ’ t pleased with the quality and taste of the from! Good either the crock pot and save the broth for soup ( cue the heavenly music.